Woven Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene Bags & Cloth for Bags.

Polypropylene Bags & Cloth Material

Polypropylene woven material is used to manufacture bags for a variety of applications, ranging from fertilizer, grain & seeds, sugar, flour, fishmeal, chemicals etc.

PP tape/yarn is extruded from virgin PP resin to be woven into a variety of sizes of sturdy PP bags, with construction & denier to suit your product.

Valiant Woven Bag has the ability to source PP packaging from our many overseas partnerships, in both plain & printed styles.

Bags have no limitation on colour, although white & beige are by far the most popular.

We have a wide range of Polypropylene Bags in stock in our NZ warehouses, and will source from overseas for higher quantities (Lead time will apply).

Many styles are available from flat lay, to gussets, circular woven & back seam. The choice is yours, we will source these for you.

BOPP – Photo Quality Bags

The BOPP bag (or photo quality bag) is a Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film coated bag.

This is a high resolution printed film laminated onto a woven PP base to create a retail packaging item that catches the eye of your prospective clients.

Once again the bag type can be a flat lay bag, can incorporate gussets, be circular woven or be a back-seam option.

As with normal woven PP bags, your BOPP bag can be as light or heavy in construction & denier as you require.



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